Figure Painting

Students interested in working with a live model will be taken through a series of studies focussing on value, colour and composition. Students will learn to paint with confidence and develop their own visual language. This workshop will be directed at the beginner or intermediate painter.


Working in my studio with a live model, students will explore colour with the figure as the subject matter. Whether the student is a beginner or intermediate , this 8 week course will offer some exciting tips to painting.


Students will start with basic black and white (achromatic) studies of the figure. Working from a basic 4 or 5 value (lights and darks) study  to create form. Colour will then be introduced as the student begins to explore modelling the figure in a composition.

Each Class: 3 Hours

Course Duration: 8 classes

Class Size: 3 students

Course Fee: $720 (includes model fee)

Date: Day and Time TBA

A list of supplies will be given after registration