Portrait Painting

For the beginner or intermediate painter. An 8 week class to introduce  you to, or strengthen your understanding of the form of the portrait. Working from models in my studio each week, the student will learn to solve problems that arise when painting portraits.


Value And Form

The importance of value will be discussed. Studies will be made with black and white paint to discover how to build form .Dramatic lighting will be used in my studio to simplify the form.

The Punk copy.jpg

Expressive Colour

While working in my studio, students will be encouraged to express themselves using  colour while working from the portrait. Individuals will be guided through  the recognition of  colour temperature changes in skin colour and identifying local colour. Expressive brushwork and direct approaches to painting will be explored.

Acrylic The Artist .jpg

Each Class: 3 Hours

Course Duration: 8 classes

Class Size: 3 students

Course Fee: $720 (includes model fee)

Date: Day and Time TBA

A list of supplies will be given after registration