Illusrtation and Animation Portfolio Development

Students interested in portfolio development for Illustration and Animation programs will receive specific guidance which is a direct result of my years of knowledge and  instruction at Sheridan College, OCAD University, Seneca and Humber Colleges. Students will be guided through basic principles of one and two-point perspective, figure drawing and line quality. Elements of design, structure and form, establishing a light-source, and colour theory will be explored as the student develops images for inclusion in their portfolio.


Observational Perspective

Starting with basic shapes (spheres, cylinders,cubes...etc) students will be taken through a series exercises exploring one and two point perspective.Explanation on eye level,and vanishing points. Students will be instructed on proper construction of an ellipse, cylinders in perspective.


Gesture Drawing

The importance of the gesture in figure drawing. Emphasis will be placed on line quality and variety.


Longer Poses

From short to long poses. Building a figure and developing the form, from the short gesture to the more sustained pose. Creating a light-source by massing in large areas of light and dark. The focus will be placed on working on the form and developing the weight of the figure.


Line Quality

The importance of line quality and variety will be demonstrated. Highlighting form, muscle mass and light and shadow on the form.

Belle Island w-c22x22 copy.jpg

Design And Colour

Arranging shapes. Regardless of the image, the topic of design and colour will be the focus. Strong portfolios reveal a student's understanding of strong compositional elements.